GERMAN THREE WHEELER RALLY by Tony Divey / Triking Trifles-Winter 1997

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GERMAN THREE WHEELER RALLY by Tony Divey / Triking Trifles-Winter 1997

Beitrag von Karl-Friedrich Aster am Di Dez 18, 2018 8:40 pm

And that´s how ist was sign posted, from Autobahn 61, near Bingen on the Rhine, to he long drive leading to the Kurhaus Hotel, quite a few kilometres further away in Stromberg. Yet German, Swiss, and other three wheeler people had found their way there when Anita and I arrived on Friday afternoon. We had Autobahned from Hook-v-Holland to Liege, enjoyed a ramble via the Eiffel mountains and Nürburgring to Koblenz, then toured the Rhine valley to Bingen.
This event, originally the German Triking Rally, has grown and this year was organised by Joachim (Achim ) Beisiegel. Stromberg proved to be a lovely little town in a fascinating valley, while the Kurhaus we found to be a comfortable and unfussy hotel where we were all made very comfortable and welcome. The evening passed away in wave oft Trike Talk, ( amongst the men, at least,) whilst wandering among the three wheelers assembled in front of the hotel patio, or sitting at well supplied tables on the patio.Conversation occasionally paused as a later arrival could be heard approaching. (some LONG before turning into the hotel drive) and resumed as they joined the assembly, with its excellent food, drink and companionship. 
Saturdays programme was for a trip to an open air museum, leaving at midday and for which Achim provided all drivers, or their navigators with a route card and map. There were 19 three wheelers, with 8 Trikings in the majority, Lomax`s, JZR`s a special and a Buckland, making quite a specatacle as they wound their way from Stromberg to Bad Soberheim. Most drivers followed the leader thinking he knew the way! We followed later starters who had read Achims map !
The earlier starters arrived eventually and we all wandered around farms, villages and fields with crops of previous eras, and into houses, school, smithy and even am museum of old toys. The distances we walked helped relieve a few hangovers from the previous evening, and enhanced appetites for lunch at wooden tables outside the village inn.   
The return to Stromberg was by a different route, making a very enjoyable round trip of about 65 miles through lovely countryside.
Back at the Kurhaus we all passed the time in much the same way as we had the previous evening, with the added pleasure of 
an excellent and informal dinner for the sixty or so enthusiasts present. Not all of whom had travelled there by three wheeled transport. 
Sunday morning saw the party bid goodbye to the friendly staff of the comfortable Kurhaus. Some needed to head home-
wards, but the majority had the time to find their way about 30 miles south to an Old Timer Festival near Bad Kreuznach where the three wheelers were a feature of the event. And what a marvellous and surprising event it was! Any suitably inter-
esting vehicle was directed in slow convoy through a large and appreciative crowd an an orchard who were obliviously enjoying a beer, wine, food, music AND the motoring festival. The convoy terminated at a reception area where each Old Timer
and its occupants were introduced by a Major Domo and the lady(s) in the car received a red rose presented by delightful damsels. With a fanfare by the, "Big Band" of about 18 musicians plus singers, the vehicle was then ushered through to the
display area.   
The Old Timers had some acres of grassland for their display with mainly German vehicles of course, but with various elderly cars, bikes and farm vehicles whose type or even make, we would be unlikely to see.The three wheelers were grouped together and being of unusual layout to the continentals attracted a lot of attention, particularly as the Superlite and two of the JZR´s had come from England. Otherwise the biggest interest seemed to be in Morris Minor "Woody" traveller !! Almost unknown in Germany !
While the band stomped out a wide variety of music to universal acclaim, applause and enthusiastic help with suitable choruses, barbecues smoked and sausages sizzled. With Sekt (German Champagne) costing about pound 4 a bottle, booze bubbled- This year the exchange rate was very kind to us. In addition the Lotus owners were very generous in plying me with Sekt. 
Eventually all our three wheeling friends left for home. Anita and I left some timer after the band had gone, found our way to the Rhine Valley and spent the night near the Lorelly. (We heard no sirens singing).
Monday we toured up the valley to Coblenz, crossed the Rhine and then over the hills to Menden, where we were the guests of Karl and Rita Aster.
Tuesday we travelled west across the border into Holland, then on to Hook-v-Holland and the ferry.
Wednesday..........................we went back to work !!!

Karl-Friedrich Aster

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